Uncharted 4 final trailer time for US, UK

We have a last minute heads-up for all Uncharted 4 fans now as Naughty Dog are now ready to unleash the Uncharted 4 final trailer. As a result, we can now remind you of when the last Uncharted 4 trailer is out in UK and US time zones.

With the Uncharted 4 release date closing in on May 10, there is little left to do now as we enter the last week of April. Fans will be hunting for reviews as we speak, but most know that Uncharted 4 is going to be one of those games that is worth buying without reading reviews.

Before that though, we have one last trailer. It will be coming at 7am Pacific Time on Monday April 25, which is 10am Eastern Time and 3PM UK time.


As we wait for the trailer to go live, you can leave your last minute expecatations below on whether you think the game can be as good as Uncharted 3 – or better.

When the trailer is available, we will update this article and post it below for you.



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