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New Summoners War update notes for Panda Warrior Nat 5

We know many of you are waiting for the next Summoners War update to come out and we have a treat for you now to get you prepared. If you haven’t heard yet, a new monster is arriving soon with the Panda Warrior – now we know that this could be a new Nat 5 monster.

We also know that the Panda Warrior will be a 5-star defensive type character, with its three skills being Sequential Attack, Calm Mind and Panda Supremacy.

More importantly, you’ll need to know the Fire Panda Warrior fusion recipe which we can show you below – although detailed fusion recipes and materials needed for Water Horus, Wind Kung Fu girl and Fire Succubus can be seen here.


If you want to know what the new skills do specifically, here’s a chart from the developers which should serve you well tell the update goes live.


The developers haven’t said when the new Summoners War update 2.2.0 or 2.1.1 will be out, but we have a feeling that it is coming this week so stay tuned. Finally a video below, shows the Panda Warrior’s new skills in action – what do you think of the graphics and animations?

Leave your expectations and hype for the update below! Once the update is out we will post the full patch notes here.



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