FIFA 16 TOTS La Liga predictions with BBVA dream team

As we announced just hours ago, TOTS for FIFA 16 is starting early this year. Now though we look ahead to what EA may reveal with the highly anticipated FIFA 16 TOTS La Liga BBVA predictions.

The BPL TOTS is obviously going to be the main highlight for many FIFA 16 players, but you can argue that the BBVA TOTS squad is going to be the most popular for those that just want the ultimate dream team with the best possible players.

We’re talking about TOTS cards for Suarez, Messi and Ronaldo which are pretty much 100% confirmed to be offered, after all three have had a standout season once again for Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively.


You can see the team above, which has been predicted by Chu Morah who you may be familiar with as the ex community manager of FIFA. Obviously these are not guarantted picks yet, but we would say that they are pretty good odds.

Notice that Neymar doesn’t make it into the main TOTS La Liga team, but he does have a place on the subs bench along with the likes of Griezmann, Benzema and Bale.

There’s some incredible cards there, so if you do manage to get one on Friday consider yourself extremely lucky indeed as they will sell for a fortune on the transfer market.

What are your last minute La Liga TOTS predictions? Enjoy the images here, check out the video below and let us know what you think.



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