Black Ops 3 DLC 3 Zombies Easter Egg with Blood Vial mystery

Many of you may have already completed the main Zetsubou No Shima easter egg for Eclipse DLC 2, but one video which we have to share suggests that all may not be finished yet – especially with regards to the potential BO3 DLC 3 Zombies Easter Egg.

If you haven’t completed the easter egg yet, we suggest you look away now.

For those that have seen the cutscene though, you will have remembered one particular quote which states that ‘Nikolai’s story is next up’. Now, watch the video below from zombies expert MrRoflWaffles and you’ll see that there is currently an unsolved mystery regarding Blood Vials.


Particularly the absence of blood vials from those who have completed the easter egg and those who haven’t. The way the cutscene ended and with the teleport segment thrown in there creates a lot of confusion for those that are still keen to find out any remaining secrets.

The video below explains in clearer detail and it could be the starting point to either finding out more secrets to Zetsubou No Shima, or getting the definitive story intro to DLC 3 which should involve a storyline around Nikolai.

Have you found any extra secrets in DLC 2 zombies after completing the main easter egg? Share your thoughts and theories below!



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