Black Ops 3 1.10 update changes needed for next patch

By Alan Ng - May 5, 2016

We now look ahead to the next Black Ops 3 update, after Treyarch recently dropped a massive 1.09 update for players just before the launch of Eclipse DLC 2 on PS4.

The 1.09 is now live on all platforms however, with PC and Xbox One owners getting the same update a few days after. That means Treyarch will be working on their next major update for the game with the Black Ops 3 1.10 update.

We can’t say for sure when it will go live, but obviously May is an obvious timeframe given that Treyarch usually launch at least one new update every month.


Given the long list of weapon balance tweaks seen in 1.09 though such as the Kuda and VMP nerfs, what do you want to see changed in the BO3 1.10 patch notes?

Treyarch also gave a small buff to the HG-40, as well as the HVK-30 getting a nice increase to sprint recovery speed, aim stability and recoil speed.

We know many of you are still not happy with certain areas of the game in multiplayer and zombies, so give us your personal wishlist for Treyarch to fix in time for the next update.

We’ll update this article when the patch goes live.

Update: The BO3 1.10 update is now live on PS4! You can find patch notes here soon once Treyarch make them available

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  • Bob

    Difficulty settings in custom zombies games. Ability to buy weapons or gear with cryptokeys. Or drastically increase weapon drop rate for supply drops. Not only is it like less than 1% but there’s always a chance you get a duplicate.

    • Angry customer

      I spent 60$ on the supply drops and didn’t even get a weapon!! That’s ridiculous! They are using a gambling system in a game to take more mone from us. It should be illegal. In the past I would spend an extra 30$ and get all the dlc camps and extras. And the dlc weapons before were included in the season pass!

    • Activision sucks

      Difficulty settings in zombie mode is a must! I stopped playing zombies altogether because I can’t last past round 10. It’s not fun, have custom game difficulty settings. But of course they don’t want to release it because they want you buying liquid divinium. It’s stupid. Even if someone did that, gobblegum doesn’t drastically change the game.