HTC 10 Otterbox Commuter, Defender Series cases anticipated

By Peter Chubb - Apr 24, 2016

When it comes to protecting your phone there are not many companies as big as Otterbox, ok, maybe just a handful. However, they all have one thing in common, and that is not a great deal of choice when it comes to rugged cases for HTC handsets. Take the One M9 for example, there are only two options, and those are the Commuter and Defender Series.

This is a similar story with other case makers, as they tend to not offer too much support for HTC handsets, especially the tough, rugged ones or even battery cases. However, we have to wonder if things will be different for the HTC 10, as this handset has the makings of something special, with most of the reviews not only being positive of its design, but also its hardware and features?

HTC Otterbox cases

There is a good chance that we will soon see new HTC 10 Otterbox Commuter and Defender Series cases released, although we have no idea as to a date. The handset is due for release early next month, and so we suspect that Otterbox are already working on those two cases to help protect your purchase.

Having said that, we have seen in the past that while Otterbox release at least one case for a new flagship smartphone, it often takes several months for the second case, although this might not be the case – excuse the pun, for this handset.

What HTC 10 case would you like to see released?

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  • David Williams

    Just called OB, said they have have a lot of requests and he would add my name to “the list.” CALL and TELL them we NEED this case!!! OB is the best.

  • Kay6

    Just spoke to Otterbox in regards to the HTC 10 Defender and Commuter cases and there is no news as to even IF they’ll have Otterboxes for this device. The market is taken over by Apple and Samsung so they need to see a demand for the HTC 10. As best as I could gather from my call with a very nice individual at Otterbox, if they see a demand for these cases for the HTC 10 it could be considered so if you love the Defender/Commuter, get in touch with Otterbox and let them know you want this case for the HTC 10. HTC fans need to be vocal and express what you want. I think Otterbox would comply if enough of us contacted them regarding these cases. Here’s hoping for good news soon.

  • Kay6

    I couldn’t get any info from Otterbox regarding the HTC 10 Defender series cases and this is a huge disappointment. This is the case I want for my HTC 10. It makes no sense for Otterbox to not offer this case for this new phone. Bad decision, Otterbox.

  • SoicalTechFeed

    Otterbox has no plans for HTC 10. 🙁

    • csnack

      Did someone from Otterbox tell you that?

      • Jamie


        “Sorry, not a case we have planned”

        • csnack

          Lame, because I still haven’t found a case that I feel is worthy of the htc 10. The Spigen neo hybrid case just seemed cheap to me in comparison to the otterbox one on my M7. Actually, though, I’d get Spigen’s clear case if it weren’t for the ghosting issue when using the flash. The Incipio dual pro case looked promising, but it turned out to be super slippery plus that soft touch plastic smears/blemishes easily. Don’t nobody give a damn about the HTC 10?

        • Kay6

          It does feel like no one cares about the HTC 10. No one carries it on hand at locations that are “supposed” to carry it. I was certain Otterbox would have the case but they don’t seem to feel it’s important. I have the Unicorn Beetle and though it’s nice enough it’s more bulky and it’s somewhat slippery. I prefer the Otterbox Defender for sure. It feels like Otterbox has slapped customers in the face.

  • Marty

    I’d rather have a Spigen high impact case. Good cases.