Free Draft Token for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team live

We know that everyone is still waiting to find out when TOTS is out for FIFA 16, but EA still has a surprise for you this weekend. A free draft token pack for FIFA 16 is now live for Ultimate Team, giving you the chance to win big.

Remember that unlike previous EA pack giveaways, the winning packs should be tradable so it’s a great chance to get some nice players to sell for a massive profit.

The giveaway is in celebration of FIFA 16 Community Week, which EA says will also include new tournaments. Remember that you can use your draft Token online or for single player, so you face a tough decision on what to use it for.


Let us know how you get on with your free Draft Token pack and the players you manage to get – remember TOTW 32 is live so there’s a chance to get Hero Suarez if you are really lucky.

Good luck to all and leave a comment below. Are you surprised by EA’s generosity?



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