Destiny Lucky Raspberry Year 2 review for Make Your Luck

Xur has finally brought some treats to the tower this week and right now players are all hunting down a Destiny Lucky Raspberry Year 2 review. Xur is selling this Hunter chest armor and it could be 13 strange coins very well spent.

As far as we’re aware, this could be the first time that Xur has offered up the Year 2 Lucky Raspberry for players since the recent April 2016 Destiny update.

The key Lucky Raspberry perk that is properly going to be the highlight is called Make your Luck, which replaces the Improved Arcbolt Grenade perk from Year 1.


With Make your Luck, you can chain further with your Arcbolt Grenade. You can also spawn with full grenade energy as a bonus effect making this rather appealing to Hunters.

If your main character is a Bladedancer, then you really need to pick up the Lucky Raspberry armor as you’ll see a big difference when using those grenades.

We would recommend Lucky Raspberry as a must buy for Hunters if you don’t have it already. Once we have a full video review we’ll add it below.

For all those who have just bought from Xur though, please leave your feedback below if you agree that the Lucky Raspberry is an underrated exotic chest armor.



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