Xur location on April 22 for new Year Two exotic

By Alan Ng - Apr 22, 2016

Xur finally offered a weapon last week after a couple weeks of no show, as he put the Bad Juju up for sale for a week. Now we look ahead to where Xur’s location is for April 22, 2016 as players hope Xur will sell something worthwhile once again. Update: Xur is live, inventory revealed at bottom of article.

We have 24 hours to go until Xur appears in the Tower or Reef. Last week Xur was back in the Reef, so you should always still check that in case he turns up there again.

As always, Xur will spawn at 10am UK time, 2am Pacific Time and 5am Eastern Time. Do you already have all the exotics you need from Xur, or are you still waiting for one specific weapon which hasn’t been sold yet?


Some players are still holding out for a Year Two Gjallarhorn, but there’s probably more chance of Destiny 2 coming out before we ever see that weapon offered up by Xur again.

Are you still playing Destiny actively, or can you admit moving on to The Division until Bungie makes their next big announcement?

Let us know your status on Destiny at the moment and what you want Xur to sell. Come back at the times above on Friday and we’ll update this article with Xur’s April 22 location and inventory.

Update: Xur is live once again guys. Here’s the new inventory for April 22: Monte Carlo, Helm of Inmost Light, Lucky Raspberry, Purifier Robes and a Body Armor Legacy engram.

Location: Outside, by the Speaker area in the tower!

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  • NgTurbo

    Lucky Raspberry year two is nice!

  • He is located across from the Speaker at the Tower in front of the Big Door.

    Helm of In Most Light – Titan
    Lucky Raspberry chest armor – Hunter
    Purifier Robes Chest Armor – Warlock
    Auto Rifle Monte Carlo

  • Brian Ziegler

    After I bought destiny, I never really had time to play anything else. I tried black opps 3 for like 3 hours recently. It is 4am and i recently watched some YouTube videos on how to play 4 crusable games and on the 5th or 6th use a three of coins and make an exotic appear and also wright before a boss use it too. I got a wood splinter in the crease of my trigger finger and it is numb. K. 308 light and on my way to the top with equipting infused upgades, testing new weapons in PvP, and fighting new and old story mode enemies.