PES 2016 1.07 PS4 update notes with Xbox, PC missing

By Alan Ng - Apr 21, 2016

We can see that a new PES 2016 1.07 update on PS4 has gone live on April 21. Many players are asking what is new on PES after the 1.07 update but unfortunately Konami hasn’t exactly revealed the true extent of it.

We have confirmation of the update going live for users below, with the size coming in at around 77MB. The only thing mentioned on console under update history in relation to 1.07 is the following:

“Minor adjustments to a variety of modes to improve general gaming experience”


Nothing else has been mentioned so far. It’s worth pointing out that the physical version of PES Euro 2016 released today for PS3 and PS4 only, so that may be some reason as to why there hasn’t been a PC or Xbox update today.

However, if Konami has mentioned adjustments to a variety of game modes – then surely they should be coming to other platforms too.

We’ll try to dig for more information for you, but in the meantime let us know if you are also waiting for the same update on Xbox and PC.

For those that have just installed the PES 2016 1.07 patch on PS4, let us know what you have noticed different so far below in the comments.

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  • Deter Bobolo

    the game play is total rubbish especially online competition the players are very robotic and it plays more rigid definitely worse off

  • Carl Brennan

    the game-play is definitely loser and the players slip more often and make minor mistakes.. it sounds like its made it worse but it actually hasn’t enjoying the experience much more and the games are a lot closer (professional mode Master league)

  • alexgate7

    I think it means a bit more fluent gameplay.

  • Carl

    Left footed players can now kick the ball with their didn’t foot too

    • alexgate7

      they have always been able to do that

    • pesman91