New Snapchat filter celebrating 420 sparks anger

By Peter Chubb - Apr 20, 2016

While Snapchat may have made many of their users happy with the latest update, a new filter added today in celebration of 4/20 has not gone down too well, and as such has sparked a huge amount of anger.

The reason being because this new Snapchat filter is of Bob Marley, and so allows users to have their face darkened up, along with giving them dreadlocks and a rastacap with the same colors as the singing legend used to wear.

Snapchat Bob Marley filter

Many people have already taken to Twitter to say this is done in bad taste and that on a day that is meant to celebrate cannabis smokers (4/20) is being used to belittle Bob Marley to suggest that he was only famous for smoking weed rather than his musical talents.

While the day is already one that is a touchy subject and some people will say this is just an innocent filter, you have to question Snapchat’s timing on this matter.

Not all people are unhappy with the filter and actually see the positive side of things, which you can see in one of the Tweets above.

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