MOTM Alonso review for FIFA 16 with Web App price

EA has given FIFA 16 Ultimate Team players a treat now, by offering up a surprise Xabi Alonso MOTM card which is now live in packs for 24 hours. This is due to the recent German Cup match between Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen in which Alonso starred in.

If you want to build your team around a passing God, then this orange Alonso card is the one to go for. Unfortunately though you’ll have to pay a premium for it like any MOTM card.

We’ve spotted on the FIFA 16 web app that you’ll have to pay around 140,000 coins if you want one. This could get cheaper in the build up to TOTS, but definitely expect to pay over 100,000 coins on both platforms.


We’ve got a MOTM Alonso review for FIFA 16 below thanks to YouTuber Ritch Kid. Check it out below and let us know if you manage to get lucky with one out of a pack, or if you are temped to drop the joins.

95 for long passes is no joke, but 34 for pace definitely is.



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