FIFA 16 TOTS release date after clues

We once again have a reminder on the likely FIFA 16 TOTS release date for you, with the countdown getting closer to EA revealing what players have made TOTS to get one of those ultra rare blue and gold cards.

We wanted to clear up the schedule as we can see that there’s rumors suggesting that TOTS for FIFA 16 would be out this week. This won’t be happening so soon though, with still so many games in the season to play.

Also, TOTS for FIFA 15 was on May 20, 2015 and EA usually always stick to the exact same release pattern year on year – give or take a few days on occasion.


With this in mind, we are under the assumption that TOTS will not start for FIFA 16 until May 18. This is the closest date to last year with TOTS launched on Wednesday May 20 along with TOTW.

We can’t confirm the date 100%, but we say it is a pretty good heads-up for you to get prepared for. TOTW 32 is coming this week, so make sure you are aware to save coins for the blue cards which will be worth a lot more on the transfer market when it comes to resell value.

Once we get more details from EA, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. For now, give us your predictions for TOTS and the players which you think are a certainty.



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