FIFA 16 TOTS BPL player list predictions

We have already given you some nice information on the likely FIFA 16 TOTS release date, but now it’s time to get down to business. Everyone is waiting for FIFA 16 TOTS BPL player predictions and now we have the big list to give you.

This list is TOTS BPL predictions from FUTHead, which means that they have a very good chance of being correct. FUTHead always provide the definitive TOTW predictions which are always spot-on, so here is what should be coming for the TOTS BPL player list.

As expected, they include guaranteed player slots for Leicester City players Vardy and Mahrez. However, there could also be a slot in the starting lineup for Kante and a bench slot for Danny Drinkwater, Huth and Fuchs.


If true that means Leicester City are going to be the most represented team in EA’s TOTS BPL team which would be amazing – how many would have predicted that!

Other players that made the cut in these predictions include Aguero, Bellerin for those pace monsters, Ozil who is going to have an amazing pass stat and perhaps surprise inclusions for Butland and Arnautovic from Stoke City.

Do you agree with these predictions or not? If not, list who you think should be in instead! Leave us a comment if you want us to cover Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and La Liga BBVA TOTS predictions.



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