BO3 Zetsubou No Shima zombies easter egg tutorial

By Alan Ng - Apr 21, 2016

We were right on schedule with our heads-up on the Eclipse DLC 2 release time for Black Ops 3. Many users now have the new map pack downloaded and are already looking for a Zetsubou No Shima zombies easter egg walkthrough. Update: New video added below!

This is the brand new map of course and now we have a treat for you as popular YouTuber Noahj456 is now live streaming the Zetsubou No Shima zombies map to start the easter egg hunt at the first opportunity.


If you love finding out secrets about new zombie maps, then NoahJ456’s stream is the only one you need. He’ll be streaming all day and finding out everything about Zetsubou No Shima – usually before everyone else.

Let us know how far you have got so far on the easter egg and list any steps below which you think will help players that get stuck. We’ll be back soon with more details for you.

Update: Added a full walkthrough video below which should make it a lot easier for you to get that Seeds of Doubt trophy!

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  • Psn name Baby_mixalot

    While playing zetsubou No shima After you turn on the power COMPLETELY You will than get the gas mask and the rocket shield and the kt-4 after you have acquired these weapons if you go over by lab b by the division 9 logo you will notice a spark you wanna shoot the bolt it looks like the wisp and it going to make a Japanese ritual type song once you shot all the boats their will be a Japanese man say you will not uncover it’s true secrets and after that it will be spiders spawning along with three thrashers you will have to take them out than you go to the bonker and look on the right buy that door their will be a plane flying pass the game will give you an option to get on the gunner and shoot the plane down you want to say yes than after that you will recieve a golden rod