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Future Fight 2.1.0 with Thanos, Supergiant, Ebony Maw playable

Netmarble are taking their time for the next major Future Fight update, but it looks like it is going to be well worth it. We have some exciting details for Future Fight 2.1.0 now, mainly the confirmation of Thanos, Supergiant and Ebony Maw as playable characters.

We knew that Thanos was coming, but there was an element of doubt over whether he would be playable given his characteristics and the fact that the co-op World Boss mode is set for him.

Now though Netmarble has ended the doubt and Thanos is playable along with Supergiant and Ebony Maw. These are all new World Bosses and another batch of Tier 2 level characters.


Descriptions of all three can be seen above, as supplied by Netmarble. Notice that Supergiant is going to be mind based so this could be the moment when all those mind resists from cards come in handy.


Sadly, there’s still no indication on when the next Future Fight update is out, but surely it can’t be long now. Let us know your reaction to the new characters.

Simply put: Should Thanos be playable or not?



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