Xbox Games with Gold May 2016 with Sony beaten

By Alan Ng - Apr 18, 2016

Xbox gamers are already wondering what the free games are for Xbox Games with Gold May 2016. In all honesty though, subscribers should be extremely pleased right now at the quality of games being offered on the service compared to Sony’s PlayStation Plus.

In April the likes of Sunset Overdrive and Saints Row 4 have been offered on Xbox One and Xbox 360 completely free. Two amazing games, which do a lot to convince subscribers that their ongoing Xobx Live Gold fee really is worth the money.

Sony has to catch up in our opinion, especially if Microsoft drop even more bombs for the free games in May. For the last three months, the Xbox One game has been leaked early via the Xbox Live Marketplace – so will it happen again?


So far we haven’t had any such leak, but we have a feeling that if it is going to happen again it will be later this week, so stay tuned. It usually happens in a non-UK , US Xbox Live Marketplace so we’ll keep you updated on when the leaks arrive.

As for the game which you want to see, how can Microsoft possibly top Sunset Overdrive and Saints Row 4? Do you agree that you are really happy with your subscription at the moment as long as Microsoft continue to deliver the AAA goods?

Let us know your Xbox Games with Gold May 2016 predictions below and we’ll come back with more info for you soon.

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  • B1663r01

    Aw Crap. The games theyve been releasing lately are awesome…only problem is, i already have em lol..Cant complain tho.. Im glad ppl that didn’t get to experience them get to now. Sunset overdrive is a MUST OWN game

  • Lyk

    Assassins Creed Unity and/or Shadow of Mordor

    Unity i’d like to play but without spending a lot of money on it. And Black Flag was around the same time a GWG (2 years after release) so now it would be Unity’s turn. And next year Syndicate.

  • rick

    Black Ops

  • Naruto games

  • Chris

    Black Ops 1 would be nice

  • vTeeKayy

    Soul Calibur 4 or 5 … Or Both

  • Anthony Prince

    Bring back deadspace 2 the multiplayer was epic intense and an all around good game (gamertag) KING RED REAPER

  • Justworking247365

    Batman Arkham Knight or Dead Rising 3 would be nice. Killer Instinct Season 3 one day.

  • kevin

    Would love bayonetta or alien vs predator! 🙂

    • Darkdragon

      Isn’t bayonetta a Nintendo exclusive?

      • kevin

        The new one is I was talking about the 360 one

  • Suhaib Bryim

    i am really happy to have Xbox live my mind has blown up in the past 2 months. My only request is to get Batman Arkham Asylum either a monthly free game or backward compatibility as i didnt have the time play it on xbox 360 before getting xbox one

  • Da Player 1

    Sleeping Dogs definitive edition, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse Son of Rome are huge contenders for the program! 🙂

    • B1663r01