PS Plus May 2016 free games to change mood

By Alan Ng - Apr 18, 2016

Now is the time when we look ahead to the free games for PS Plus 2016 on PS4 and PS3, with many fans believing that Sony needs to do a lot more for paid subscribers after watching Microsoft offer a better selection so far in 2016.

All fans want to see is a ‘AAA’ game, or a game that would help to justify the costs of their ongoing subscription. Despite the fact that some of the smaller indie games turn out to be amazing, there is still no pleasing of those who just want Sony to compete with Microsoft.

So with this in mind, what can we expect to see from the PS Plus May 2016 list of free games? As far as we’re aware, there has not be any leaks yet so we don’t have any hints on what could be coming.


We know that the games will be live on Tuesday May 3, so we still have a few weeks of rumors to go until then. It’s no secret that Microsoft has been offering solid games for a numbers now, so how can Sony react in your opinion?

It’s fair to say that fans won’t be expecting the likes of Knack any more after so many months have passed without this exclusive being offered.

We know that Battleborn is due out on May 3, the same day as PS Plus May but we doubt there’s any chance of this popular game being available for free – especially given the success of the current beta that everyone is loving at the moment.

Let us know what you want to see for PS Plus next month. Nobody wants to admit it, but has Microsoft been putting Sony to shame in the free games department?

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  • Fossilfighter189

    Do you people realize that Sony has to buy these games in bulk? A single AAA game would cost more than an entire year of ps plus. Microsoft is running their company to the ground just to rival Sony. Also, if they gave away AAA games, lots of people would already have it, rather getting a newer indie game that few people have. Sure getting a AAA game would be nice, but you have to get rationality in mind.

    • Kelvin Gudgeon

      Dont make laugh the ammount of money sony make in a month from say 20 million ps4 users,trust me they can afford it.Microsoft running itself into the ground lmao,what by giving gamers decent games thats why xbox numbers are up.Im glad i own all 3 consoles but lately its been my x one that gets the most use EA access bienh a good reason.But this will change once uncharted drops.

    • pfreak

      MS hasn’t given away anything that PS didn’t give away 2 years ago. Tomb Raider? Check. Bioshock Infinite? Check. Batman? Check. If you mean X1 vs PS4 games, I’ll take PS4’s indies over X1’s Billiards Collection.

  • atomicjuicer

    Xbox whupping Sonys ass on the subscriber games front. Sony are being utter cheapskates.

    Also, PSPlus shouldn’t be region locked across the EU. Pretty sure thats soon to be illegal Sony. Just a heads up…

    • pfreak

      What has MS given you that is so great? A game I got on PS+ 2 years ago? Lucky you.

      • atomicjuicer

        I’ve had psplus pretty much since the start. I’ve a ps3 and a vita too. Ps plus is garbage in comparison to games with gold for over a year now.

        Not bothered writing out lists. It’s just a fact clear to anyone who has both, which you obviously don’t.

  • What’s the picture from? Ray Gigant, maybe? I like the colour usage in the artwork. 🙂

  • Helldriver Phoenix

    As a “former” Sony fanboy. Screw you Sony.

    • lol how old are you, like 12? “Former” Sony fanboy. There is no such things as fanboy, just corporate slaves. 😉

  • Uk Vip

    metal gear sold V: phantom pain

    • Get a job, buy TPP for $30. It’s literally $30 any elsewhere now.

  • dj

    Sony has absolutely gone downhill in a lot of ways. I’ve been playing Playstation consoles almost exclusively since the early days of the PS1, and been a Plus subscriber since its early days as well. I used to look forward to the free games each month, but these days I find myself cringing at the thought of what garbage is coming, and, with few exceptions, we get just that – garbage. If I didn’t still play some of the older Plus titles and need it for online play on the PS4, I would cancel my subscription. Sony needs to get it together.

    • bobby

      yeah i got my ps1 back in 94 when i was 14 owned all thier systems since then except for ps4 i usually wait for the 2 year mark to get a new system but after quitting ps plus last month after 3 years membership i’m done with sony, now all i use my ps3 for is as a media server for my tv