Food Sniffer gives your nose a break for £90

Here is one of those interesting occasions when food and technology combine to a nice effect. If you are a family who are conscious about food expiry dates (believe us, we know a few), then say hello to the Food Sniffer which can tell you when soon-to-expire food is still safe to eat or not.

This little gadget is a pricey, but potentially life saving little tool which uses an algorithm to detect whether your food can still be cooked, or if it needs to go in the rubbish straight away.

How does the Food Sniffer work? You use the device to ‘scan’ the food and then it sends the information about the product to your mobile device with the companion Food Sniffer app via Bluetooth


You then get a result based on the status of the meat and it provides that extra level of assurances that some families obviously need when they don’t want to take the risk – especially with young children in the house.

The only potential stumbling block is the £90 asking price, but we’ve added a video below so you can clearly see it working first hand to give you a better idea.

The developers say that your nose is not good enough when it comes to detecting food quality as there are gases that are undetectable to the nose.

Would you give the Food Sniffer a go for £90 though? Let us know what you think of this contraption below!



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