FIFA 16 EA servers down on April 18 with DNF

By Alan Ng - Apr 18, 2016

EA hasn’t warned anyone about FIFA 16 server maintenance on April 18, but some of you may have just been kicked off Ultimate Team in the middle of a game.

While this is obviously frustrating for those playing online seasons as it wastes contracts and league match count, it is especially frustrating when EA decide to punish you with a DNF status afterwards.


This essentially means that you now have less coins to win from online matches, after getting kicked off EA servers through no fault of your own – doesn’t sound fair does it?

We know many of you will be really angry about this, as EA doesn’t seem to have any solution to it other than contacting customer service to set you up for a copy and paste adventure with representatives.

Is FIFA 16 down for you with EA servers kicking you out of games constantly?

We’ll leave you with Memphis Depay’s unofficial face of confusion.

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