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Clash of Clans permanent ban for hacks, mods and cheats

It looks like Supercell has had enough with the amount of Clash of Clans cheats, hacks and mods that are currently in circulation and ruining the experience for many hard working grinders.

As a result, they’ve just sent out a message to all players on Twitter warning that new permanent bans are now going to be enforced for any one that continues to break the rules.

It’s part of the Clash of Clans Fair Play policy that Supercell has point out, with many of the feedback so far praising the developers for stepping up their efforts to catch out those naughty individuals.


It happens in every mobile game of course, but these people always manage to find methods to stay undetected. Now Supercell has said that any third party software use is considered cheating and those using it to gain an advantage will just get a permanent ban for their efforts.

After spending months building their team, is the risk really worth it for one moment of glory? Let us know your thoughts on this and whether you know anyone that has had a surprise permanent ban waiting for them upon log in.



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