The Division Warlord assault rifle review for best gun

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2016

We know that many of you are currently having a lot of fun getting stuck into the Falcon Lost Incursion in The Division after the 1.1 patch. Now though, we give you a heads-up for all those looking for information on how to get the Warlord assault rifle in The Division.

There seems to be a bit of confusion going around at the moment as to which mode actually unlocks this new weapon. Ubisoft added this gun in the latest patch and some have been saying that it is only available in the Dark Zone.

However this is not true. You have to complete Falcon Lost on Challenge Mode to have a chance to get the Warlord as a drop. It is not a guaranteed drop though, so you may have to keep trying and rely on RNG for your luck.


The Warlord high-end assault rifle comes with 10,000 base damage and the Capable, Ferocious, and Unforgiving talents. We’ve added a few videos below showing the Warlord in all its glory.

One is a video confirming that the Warlord is a drop from Falcon Lost challenge mode, while the second video is a great Warlord assault rifle review for The Division from YouTuber Arekkz.

Do you have the Warlord already? Leave your thoughts below on this weapon and if you think it lives up to the hype on social media right now.

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  • Tag Sixkiller

    Got it, it sucks …

    • Utter Dread

      Yep. Disappointing to say the least.

    • Schroeder

      Looking at the stats it seems to be an AR designed for skill/support players only. Ubisoft Massive really need to get their balancing play under control. There’s only a few weapons that players are sticking with in the DZ and high-end missions/incursions. There should be a slew of weapons that have nuances that make them very different but very effective.