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Note 5 Marshmallow update T-Mobile, AT&T release date frustration

Right now, we can see that there’s a lot of frustration from T-Mobile and AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 5 owners, after seeing Sprint and now Verizon offering an Android Marshmallow update recently.

As far as we’re aware, AT&T and T-Mobile are the only carriers in the US who are yet to offer the Marshmallow update on this device and although both have said that the update is definitely coming – neither has crucially said a date or timeframe.

This is obviously frustrating as you can imagine seeing other carriers already go live and you can see some examples of the anxiety on social media which we spotted just hours ago:


You should take a look at the ATT reply to the customer above here on Twitter, with one AT&T representative even saying that Marshmallow was available.

It just goes to show why consumers get annoyed with the misinformation, especially when representatives are supposed to provide accurate details which obviously failed the customer above.

You can keep track of the T-Mobile Note 5 Marshmallow update here, but again no real date for users to get excited about.

Are you angry with the wait on both networks? Let us know your thoughts on this below, especially given that Sprint and Verizon users already have it – did you make the wrong choice?



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