Note 5 Marshmallow update T-Mobile, AT&T release date frustration

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2016

Right now, we can see that there’s a lot of frustration from T-Mobile and AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 5 owners, after seeing Sprint and now Verizon offering an Android Marshmallow update recently.

As far as we’re aware, AT&T and T-Mobile are the only carriers in the US who are yet to offer the Marshmallow update on this device and although both have said that the update is definitely coming – neither has crucially said a date or timeframe.

This is obviously frustrating as you can imagine seeing other carriers already go live and you can see some examples of the anxiety on social media which we spotted just hours ago:


You should take a look at the ATT reply to the customer above here on Twitter, with one AT&T representative even saying that Marshmallow was available.

It just goes to show why consumers get annoyed with the misinformation, especially when representatives are supposed to provide accurate details which obviously failed the customer above.

You can keep track of the T-Mobile Note 5 Marshmallow update here, but again no real date for users to get excited about.

Are you angry with the wait on both networks? Let us know your thoughts on this below, especially given that Sprint and Verizon users already have it – did you make the wrong choice?

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  • rhonin

    Test driving Google Fi since AT&T has been getting progressively worse on not only OS updates but more importantly even the monthly security updates. Tired of the rhetoric.

  • Jason Caprio

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get this update until the middle of May, and that is being generous. The bottom line is, Samsung is more concerned with pushing a new product rather than updating an “older” product. The Galaxy S7 was released in early March with 6.0.1 Marshmallow out of the box. So you tell me, how does a company build a brand new product, develop the OS for it based on the LATEST 6.0.1 Marshmallow, yet at the same time, almost 3 months after the release of that product, those of us with the most recent flagship are still stuck on 5.1.1 Lollipop?

    I’ll tell you why. It’s because they PURPOSEFULLY delay it so people will want to buy the S7 or latest product they push out because it comes with the newer and better operating system. Never again, Samsung!

    I read a recent tweet from T-Mobile saying that “The ball is in Samsung’s court” because the device is still in Manufacturer Development. I take anything I read lately with a grain of salt. I am so sick of waiting for this update. I mainly want it for the battery saving features because Lollipop has abysmal battery life on this Note 5.

    • Brandi

      ty for this I do work for tmobile tech and yes I want the update as bad as anyone else does but I look at it like this do we want something that yes has benefits to our device or cause more drama with our beloved life lines so I will wait myself because patience is a virtue and I don’t want to have a corrupt sw update on my phone my gs5 when it rolled out lollipop update messed it up to the point of an exchange so to those crying about not having the update on tmobile select devices need to suck it up if they want the update like you said go out and buy the gs7

  • Erendira Sevilla

    Before my Note 5, I had the Google Nexus 5. I had the Marshmallow update on that and it was fine. Ever since I switched I noticed the Note 5 didn’t have it yet, and I’m here thinking, Oh they’ll get around to it, they Surely wouldn’t leave us hanging. I’m pissed off. T-Mobile, I had faith in you ever since I left Metro. What the hell?!

  • Jason Caprio

    Is anybody else with a Galaxy Note 5 on T-Mobile having excessive battery drain caused by Google Play Services? If so, have any of you been able to resolve it? On my battery screen, it shows Google Play Services using more battery than the screen!

    • Huzefa Bangdiwala

      This is the same problem across many international models too. Mine is Sm920i. Idle battery drain has been the biggest upset for me.

    • Robert

      I have the att version and I took my phone of the charger at four in the morning and by lunch it was totally dead. I never used it. Not one phone call or text. Pitiful. I like my Note 5 but after this I’m done with Samsung. I don’t expect the marshmallow update until the note 6 comes out. That’s what they did with the S6. They waited until the s7 came out then they dropped marshmallow for the s6.

      • Jason Caprio

        Well I would hope our Note 5s get Marshmallow before the Note 6 comes out, simply based on the fact Verizon and Sprint got theirs as well as other countries.

  • John Hamby

    It’s beyond ridiculous. But for t-mobile users, you can check out xda-developers and get the debloated canadian w8 note 5 firmware but it’ll require you to trip your Knox counter at this time. I’m currently running marshmallow now, albeit without WiFi calling or VoLTE, until an official US firmware lands- until then this is a flawless alternative, check out the Tmobile Note 5 Android Development forum for all the info and instructions….it’s a great bandaid for now, marshmallow is sweeeeeeeet!!

  • Jodogg7ny

    Absolutely ridiculous, so I’m getting the HTC 10…

  • Sharpshooter

    DON’T UPDATE I’m on Verizon, have a note 5 my wife has a note 5 , we cannot stream movies or videos from either Netflix or YouTube. Other issues as well, Samsung says they can’t do anything, Verizon says only possible remedy is to a complete factor reset. Major problem however e cannot sync or info to the cloud or to Google now.

  • Celeste Tornwall Felice

    Total bs. Tmobile still says “manufacturer development ” for the Note 5.. #pissedashell

  • Chikka

    I heard horrible things about the update for Galaxy 5 note…I’ll wait for the kinks to be worked out. I have the international version from Singapore so the update will come to my phone in October.

  • jpswain

    I won’t buy the Note 6 until I know that it is preloaded with android 6.0 out of the box, otherwise I’ll wait for Note 7. You only have 18 months after the release to get updates, that means that the Note 5 will only get the operating system it was originally designed for and none others.

    • Rob

      The Note 5 is only 6 months old…

    • Jason Caprio

      The S7 has 6.0.1 out of the box, so the Note 6 will definitely have that or Android N if possible. It doesn’t matter. I would recommend you get a Nexus for your next phone if you want guaranteed updates.

  • KRS

    When I get it I get, I bought my phone for what it was at the time not for what updates it would be getting.
    I am with att and the thing with att is when they release it it will be right. Other carriers get in a hurry and release buggy updates.

    • rex kaufman

      I agree, I don’t want an update that is full of bugs. My Note 5 is running great on lollipop

    • rhonin

      Agree in part. The carriers are just as bad getting out the monthly Google security updates. That irks me far more than the OS update.

  • Luis Santiago

    This is ridiculous att is “supposedly” the best network but it looks like it doesn’t have the best developers so that we can get the updates as soon as possible. It’s a shame that sprint and Verizon has the update first than att.

  • David Stevens

    Sick of waiting AT&T

  • Jason Caprio

    It appears many of us are extremely frustrated, and I’m one of them. I have a T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 and nearly 7 months after Marshmallow has been released, we are all still on buggy 5.1.1 Lollipop. This is completely unacceptable to have to wait THIS LONG for an update from a leading brand’s flagship product. My girlfriend’s Nexus 6P running 6.0.1 runs like a DREAM, and I am so close to selling this Note 5 and getting myself a Nexus 6P based mostly on the fact that the battery life CRUSHES my Note 5 and runs 10x faster with better memory management, despite having 3GB of RAM instead of 4GB. This will definitely be the last Samsung Galaxy phone that I will make the mistake of buying. My next phone without a doubt will be a Nexus. Faster updates and no bloat!

    I cannot stress enough how done I am with Samsung products. I have advised everybody that I know to never waste their money on a Samsung Galaxy phone again because 6 months later, they just want to shove a newer product down your throat and decide to forget all about your recent FLAGSHIP product by not supplying timely updates. My next phone will be a Google Nexus because at least I know I will have a supported device for at least 2 years from when I buy it, and will not be stuck running old buggy software. My Note 5 has HORRIBLE battery life with Lollipop and it would be nice to have the battery saving features of Marshmallow, but I am at my wit’s end patiently waiting for my phone to be updated.

    • Jesus Reyes

      You know it’s not Samsung holding the update, right? It’s your carrier mate. 🙂

      • Jason Caprio

        It’s a combination of both. Either way it’s ridiculous!

        • Hawk Nation

          But it’s not both. It’s your provider. Samsung supports the update. It’s up to the providers to push it out.

        • rhonin

          They both share the “blame?” on the timing.
          Currently it is, has been, in the carriers hands and they are the current bottleneck.

    • KleenDroid

      Install an app called “package Disabler”. It will freeze all the bloat and garbage which will keep your phone running smooth and with great battery life.

      Also go to storage in settings and clear cached data.

      🙂 You will now be much happier.

    • Stephen Chen

      What’s the buggy part of lollipop? The only thing i really want from marshmallow is the permission control, otherwise the note 5 is running perfectly fine.

      • Jason Caprio

        The buggy part of lollipop is the excessive battery drain caused by google play services. It always tops my battery list on top of screen. I’ve read about this happening to numerous devices running lollipop. A factory reset didn’t fix it either.

        • Stephen Chen

          The battery life if fine with me, or you can try package disable for Samsung. Anyway, MM is out today. The wait is ended.


      I am the same with you. I cannot be patient anymore, and it’s too enough. I has waited for the update from last year until now. I think T-Mobile does not respect their customers. They only like to promise. im totally disappointed. In the future I will change my phone which can be windows mobile.

  • Ashley Brent

    Don’t get too excited about Marmallow. It took away my font customizations. It may not be important to many like myself but it is quite annoying. But hey at least now my Bluetooth is working at its best now….

    • Tonia Maitland

      I’m still able to get font customizations…..? Sprint Note 5.

      • Ashley Brent

        I have Verizon Note 5 and it keeps telling me Font not supported. Wonder if it is a Verizon thing then….seen several comments on Google Play for font packs, others having the same issue too. Especially the new Samsung galaxy 7.

        • Matthew

          Have the s6 edge plus Verizon with marshmallow update. I can still change fonts. Also my phone got a lot quicker, smoother, better battery life. And can now hold about 10 apps open without refreshing them with only 4 apps open like previously on lollipop.

        • Ashley Brent

          Oh great! Than can you tell me what fonts you download and I can try those instead of HiFont and Ifont(Expert of Fonts) because those two I’ve used forever and other people are having the exact same issues as me! I believe then it must be the app’s update. I tried to ask a few other people what font’s they use the actual app and they say “sans”. Not what I was asking but great…. I’ll search Sans if that’s what it takes haha.

    • Brad Bilger

      Which is why I’m waiting on AT&T. To see if it’ll fix my Bluetooth bug.

      • Ashley Brent

        Oh good! I thought I was the only one who had that Bluetooth issue. The update fixed that but stole my font lol.

  • BH

    The unfortunate truth of the matter is updates will always come at a snail’s pace from the various carriers with some always getting them before the rest. I have long since given up on caring which update I have, and am no longer interested in having the latest one. Most of the time those that get the updates first have lingering bugs that have to be worked out later anyway. As long as the phone works, I care less about having the most current update.

  • Joshua Hallenbeck

    It’s not so much anymore that I have it or not, I’ve given up being worried about that. It’s more like ‘Really??’. We’ve heard all the BS about the S7 launch, the ‘working on bugs’ yadda yadda yadda and whatever else.

    My frustration comes from zero information. The lack of information about a software update that could be of use to many people is odd. Let’s face it, our devices are much more to us than devices and any improvement usually comes with praise. WE DEPEND ON THESES THINGS. In the age of information one would hope that one of the biggest brokers of such would have a better plan than nothing as far as disseminating useful information to it’s subscribers. WHY? What is the usefulness of such a practice?

    To look at the support page spammed with ads for AT&T products and services. Good God get over yourself, yeah we know there’s a new phone and directv and remote security and blah blah blah. What the heck does that have to do with your progress in finishing what was promised by Q1 2016 for your “Flagship” devices?

    How about you just come clean? What is the problem? I think people would have more respect for them if they just came out and said, ‘Man we blew it. TouchWiz took a lot longer to configure than we had estimated’ or whatever the hell it is.

    All I know is that everyday when I check for an update and my screen says “Current software is up to date” i want to take that beautiful phone and throw it.

    • Matthew Hunter

      I’ve already thrown mine. Thank god for cases.

  • thatphonefreak

    I am pretty annoyed about my T-mobile Note 5 not having it yet. It is not like I HAVE to have the update because of cool new features. The improvements like battery life is why I am anxious for it. It is annoying that Tmobile is almost always so behind everyone else on EVERY update. Also, when the phone came out it was the flagship and was “going to be one of the first to get the update” according to multiple articles. My son got the update for his s6 this and I was like WTF TMOBILE!!! If I didn’t use the S-Pen so much I am at the point where I am so tired of the Android update game I would probably jump to an iPhone. At least they do updates right! I see people complaining about Samsung , but it is not them, it is the carriers stringing us along. I wish tmobile would quit wasting development time on crap like binge on, etc… and focus more on timely updates!!!!