Black Ops 3 Double XP weekend time for April 15-18

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2016

What would be the perfect preparation for the upcoming Eclipse DLC 2 map pack for Black Ops 3? Another Double XP Weekend of course and now we have confirmation of the BO3 Double XP weekend times for April 15-18.

Treyarch seems to be offering Double weekends every single weekend now, split between XP, weapon XP, cryptokeys and liquid divinium.

Some may say this is overkill, but when you are trying to level up or open up more Supply Drop chests in the Black Market – who is going to complain?


Treyarch has posted the schedule for what time Double XP starts today and it is business as usual. You’ll be able to gain Double XP in both multiplayer and zombies at 10am Pacific Time, or 6PM UK time.

The event will end on Monday, April 18 at the same times, so make sure you let your friends now.

How far are you now in terms of Prestige?

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