Xur location for April 15 with Zen Meteor restricted

We are closing in on the first Xur appearance since the big Destiny April update landed. We know many of you, including Xbox players are still very curious as to how to get the Zen Meteor exotic sniper rifle. Update: Xur is live now, the details are below this post!

In case you didn’t already know though, this is sadly exclusive to PlayStation platforms only. This mean Xur will definitely not have any chance of stocking the Zen Meteor for Xur’s April 15 location.

When the exclusivity for this weapon ends though, Xur should be able to offer it similarly in the way to the Hawkmoon and the Monte Carlo which were accessible after the switchover to Destiny Year 2.


It may be painful reality, but we didn’t want you to get your hopes up if you thought there was a chance to get it – what about a year two Gjallarhorn though anyone?

As a reminder, Xur will spawn in the tower or reef at 10am UK time, 2am Pacific Time and 5am Eastern Time after the recent time zone switches in the US and UK.

For those that already have the Zen Meteor what are your early impressions of it – are Xbox owners missing out big time with this exotic or not?

Leave your Xur April 15 predictions below!

Update: Xur is live again this week and his inventory includes Bad Juju, Starfire Protocols, Helm of Saint 14 and Young Ahamkara Spine gauntlets.

Location: At the Reef!



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