The Division update for lost characters fix confirmed

We have some important news regarding the ongoing problem with The Division characters going missing or getting lost after the 1.1 patch earlier this week.

We initially told you about the problem here and said at the time that Ubisoft needed to investigate it to find out exactly what was going on.

Well now the developer has done so and has provided the following update for those who have been caught up in this unfortunate mess:


As you can see, the issue happened due to files getting corrupted but the main thing to note is that Ubisoft can bring your character in The Division back.

There’s no timeframe mentioned on when this will happen, or if it will be a hotfix or another physical update on your console or PC required.

At least you can rest assured now though that Ubisoft is working on an official fix so you’ll have your character back soon.

Did you have your character wiped in The Division after 1.1? Give us your thoughts on this below.



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