The Division in 1440p on PC will blow your mind

If you think The Division looks impressive graphically on console, just take a look at what some PC modders are up to on their version of The Division for PC when outputting at 1440p and in 60PFS.

The difference in quality is astounding, especially when combined with some specialist programs such as the depth of field Hattiwatti tool which is being used here.

Below is the video showing off the effect courtesy of YouTuber VicenteProD, we think you are going to be shocked by the results.


It’s always an ongoing debate, but these type of videos are exactly why some gamers will always choose PC ahead of console. After all, we are probably years away from seeing this type of quality on home consoles consistently.

Have you been experimenting with mods on The Division for PC yet? Let us know your thoughts on the video below and if you like it don’t forget you can head to the channel for more beautiful shots of The Division in entirely different angles which you’d never see from Ubisoft themselves.



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