Space Pirate Trainer HTC Vive review with health benefits

If you needed a firm push on reasons why you should buy the HTC Vive, allow us to help by taking a look at some Space Pirate Trainer reviews – a fantastic game for the new VR headset which can actually provide health benefits too.

VR still remains a stigma to many consumers/gamers on the fence, but Space Pirate Trainer may be the perfect game to change those perceptions.

It looks like a great deal of fun, but also a game that could do more for your personal health than the Nintendo Wii ever did.

From many of the reviews we’ve checked out online so far for Space Pirate Trainer, almost all say that you’ll break sweat in no time once you are fully accustomed to the game’s controls and the necessity to move your body accordingly to avoid incoming fire.

We’ve added some suitable videos below which showcase the game perfectly. Two courtesy from Polygon including one with some great commentary which shows you exactly what it is like first person navigating around the UI with your hands whilst plugged in.

The third is arguably the most fun though, which gives you the added view from the user playing Space Pirate Trainer externally – showing you what you actually look like to those watching from outside.

Watch the videos and you’ll see what we mean. Don’t forget that Space Pirate Trainer is primarily a shooter as well which keeps you fit at the same time. Imagine the possibilities when we actually get games which are designed with health and fitness in mind – it’s an exciting prospect.

Have you changed your mind on HTC Vive based on this game alone? Give us your thoughts below.



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