HTC 10 battery cases and problem with top brands

The new HTC 10 will finally become available in May 2016 and so we know that third-party accessory makers will be working overtime to get the likes of cases/covers and other such items ready for when people can finally purchase the handset. However, there is a concern in terms of HTC 10 battery cases – or more so from the top brands at least.

When looking at these type of cases for the HTC One M9, there are several available, although the likes of PowerSkin, Logitech, Mophie JuicePack, Incipit and other brands are highly unlikely to offer support for the HTC 10.

HTC 10 cases

It’s hard to know why they do not supply these battery cases for HTC, and this is surely some concern for those of you looking to get the new model due out next month?

Ok, so we know you are able to purchase one of the cheaper branded battery cases for older HTC smartphones, and while they do offer increased battery life, their designs leave a lot to be desired. It’s for this very reason why HTC 10 owners will want the top case makers to finally show their support by releasing a HTC 10 battery case from next month.

Why do you think battery case makers choose not to support the likes of HTC, and even in some cases LG either?



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