Elder Scrolls Online PS4 servers down for April 14 maintenance

We can’t think of any other game that goes down for maintenance as often as Elder Scrolls Online. As frustrating this may be, at least you can say that Zenimax are content on making sure the servers are always regularly maintained.

As a result, many of you may be wondering why Elder Scrolls Online PS4 servers are down right now on April 14. Once again, there’s no specific reason from the developers other than that this is only affecting TESO players in Europe.


There’s also no ETA on when TESO servers are back up today, but we expect you will be able to start playing within two hours again given maintenance usually takes a few hours to complete.

Let us know if you are frustrated with the maintenance today as we know many of you only have limited windows to play. Do you agree that Elder Scrolls Online wins the award for the game with the most about of maintenance periods in history?



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