Blade and Soul Naryu Tablet locations for free

For Blade and Soul players, the struggle is real when it comes to figuring out how to get Naryu Tablets in Blade and Soul for free.

Unfortunately, there is no tired and tested formula unless you are a god tier player. The developers are now handing them out for Blade and Soul PVP Season 1, but only if you rank in the top 60 worldwide which is obviously out of bounds for most players.

That means you are going to have to rely on good old RNG for your Naryu Tablet drops. The best way to start grinding for them is to do daily Purple dungeons, but even then the odds are against you and you may be trying for hours without luck.


We hear that there’s also a chance to get Naryu tablets by opening up the treasure chest in Beastbog, but that is a tedious mission in itself to obtain the map pieces and the key – the advantage is that there’s a chance to get a sealed Naryu Tablet though.

For those that are playing, we want you to give your best advice below on how you are getting hold of these Naryu tablets at a steady rate.

We know that new players will love to hear how everyone is getting them, so list your suggestions below.

In terms of being competitive for PVP Season 1 though, how is your team looking?



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