NBA 2K17 Legend Edition pre-order live for US, UK

Attention all NBA fans now, as 2K has gone live with a bombshell. You can now pre-order NBA 2K17 online, but also a special Legend Edition which features none other than departing star Kobe Bryant on the cover.

A fitting announcement on the day of his last game, but now you can continue the legacy by pre-ordering NBA 2K17 Legend Edition on PS4 or Xbox One in the US and UK – this version isn’t available on PC.

We have the confirmed NBA 2K17 Legend Edition price in the US and UK too. The standard edition will cost £50 or $60, while the Legend Edition is £75 or $80.

For the extra price, the NBA 2K17 Legend Edition contents are as follows:


You can pre-order the NBA 2K17 Legend Edition in the US from Amazon here, while GAME UK once again has the exclusive for UK gamers.


2K has unveiled a teaser trailer to get you excited below, ready for the release date which will be in September 2016.

Will you be pre-ordering the Legend Edition straight away to say thank you to Kobe – also what are your thoughts on the bonuses for the added price?



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