Get Dreadfang Taken sword easily in Destiny

Straight after the launch of Destiny’s massive April update, we can see right away that one of the biggest talking points from fans is how to get the Dreadfang Taken sword in Destiny.

This special sword looks amazing and we can confirm that it also drops at a guaranteed 320 Light as well which is really good news for fans.

We can also confirm that it is attached to a quest line unlike the Zen Meteor sniper which looks to be purely RNG based. But to get the Dreadfang sword in Destiny, you have to unlock the At the Gates quest line which you’ll find by visiting Variks at the Reef.


Once you have done that he’ll give you the Start the Pretender mission and you can start your quest to unlock the Dreadfang in Destiny.

You’ll also have to stop by Eris Morn on the way and collect 20 Echo of Malok consumables by killing Taken enemies, which may take a while.


Your last quest is to start the Blighted Chalice mission, then take down Malok at the end and then receive your Dreadfang from Variks to complete everything.

It’s all fairly straightforward and everything is outlined in the video below, with steps from start to finish.

How are you loving your Dreadfang at the moment, what modes are you using it in?



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