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Bots for Messenger Platform battery life concerns

During the Facebook F8 event yesterday the main topic of focus was the new Messenger Platform, which will be coming to your mobile device. While there are some impressive features coming to this app, there are a few concerns, although the biggest has to be the possible drain that the new Messenger app will have to your iPhone and Android handset battery life.

The list of Messenger updates were extensive when details were revealed yesterday, although no information has been given as to when exactly we will be seeing these new features. Many of you will welcome features such as Bots because this will now make Messenger far more than just a chat app, and will be interesting to see what developers will be able to come up with now they have a chance to play with the refreshed app.

Bots for Messenger Platform concerns

It’s always nice to welcome new features to an app, but as ever there is always that trade off with battery life, and there is huge concern that Facebook wanting its app to replace many other apps that people use will have an adverse effect, and so this could be a real issue – especially as many FaceBook Messenger users have already deiced to uninstall the app in order to conserve battery life.

Not only that, with the inclusion of more features details of which can be found on the Facebook’s Newsroom site, many people also find this a huge distraction into not only their professional life, but also their personal one as well.

There are also fears that Facebook just wants to have access to even more information, and so this will be a huge concern for the security conscious.

What are your thoughts on the new features coming to the Messenger app?



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