The Division No Respawn zone fix on Falcon Lost Incursion

By Alan Ng - Apr 12, 2016

Falcon Lost is live in The Division 1.1, but right away we can see that some gamers are having problems and saying that they can’t start the Falcon Lost Incursion on group as it keeps sending them back to the start of the mission.

Specifically, we’ve seen evidence of a constant The Division ‘No Respawn zone’ error message with the game saying that the group is currently in a no respawn zone.

It’s frustrating some as others can clearly play group mode right now without issues as we’ve already seen some teams clear the first few waves.


This problem is definitely happening right now though and we’ve got a clip below thanks to YouTuber The-Biggo, showing the loop that keeps taking Falcon Lost back to the start of the mission each time.

Can you confirm that you are also running into this problem? Have you managed to find a fix to it that will stop it from happening, or is it common sense?

Leave us a comment below and let’s get everyone enjoying Falcon Lost!

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