The Division Incursions gameplay stream on Falcon Lost

In case you missed it, The Division 1.1 update is now live on all platforms, with the 1.03 PS4 update specifically live too.

If for some reason you can’t play on the new version yet, allow us to give you a nice taster of what to expect with a The Division Incursions gameplay walkthrough for Falcon Lost that we’ve picked out.

Falcon Lost is the first Incursion that you and your friends will be trying to tackle, as of course it’s a lot more fun trying to do it as a group rather than on solo.


To get you warmed up though, check out the gameplay footage we’ve added below. Youtuber 5tat is currently live streaming the action and you can see what wave they manage to get up to and then see if you can beat it.

We’re hearing that many of you can get up to wave 11 before running into problems – not bad given the mode has literally just gone live across all platforms.

What are your experiences with Incursions so far on Falcon Lost? Leave us a comment with your tips and highest wave below!



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