The Division 1.03 PS4 update notes confusion

We just wanted to clear up some of the confusion that we can see right now on social media. The Division 1.03 update is now live on PS4, but it is actually the 1.1 update universally across all platforms.

We often now see developers change version numbers across the different platforms and this is what has happened here with The Division 1.03 patch.

As a result, you’ll find that The Division 1.03 update notes on PS4 are still exactly the same as the main 1.1 update.


We have already listed everything you need to know about what is new in The Division 1.03 on PS4 here, so make sure you head there to read through everything.

As for the April 12 update, many of you may be seeing a 4.8 or 4.9 GB The Division install size on PS4 todaY, so hopefully it won’t take you long to download – remember that this is probably not the true install size.

Have you just received the notification to install the 1.03 update on your PS4 and were confused about the version number?



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