Starbucks app not working solution, download new version

By Peter Chubb - Apr 12, 2016

Several of our readers have started to complain that the Starbucks app is not working today, and so we thought we would have a try, and they seem to be correct.

While not all users are having this issue, we know that there are problems, and so we thought we would find out as to why the Starbucks app is being glitchy.

Thankfully, it seems like a simple solution, as Starbucks app version 4.0 was released earlier today, and so the outdated version may no longer be supported for you. It’s for this reason why we advise you to download the latest version now.

There are some exciting changes to the app in version 4.0 for both Android and iOS, one of which is the look and feel.

Starbucks app version 4.0 download

As part off the update there is now a new dashboard where you are able to see your stars, offers, and rewards all in one convenient place.

What this means is that it is now much easier to keep track of the number of stars you have collected, and how many left until you earn your free drink.

The mobile ordering experience has also been improved for VoiceOver users.

Not all is well though because some users are saying this latest version is not working for them either, with a blank homepage, and not being able to find the rewards tracker, as well as the app keeps crashing.

We are not sure how widespread this issue is, and so we ask that you add your findings in the comments section below.

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  • David V. Jones

    I get logged in for a few hours and then it locks me out. i’ve changed passwords over 3 times in a day and it still works when it wants to work

  • Rejoice

    My app has not been working for 4 days, so no Starbucks for me.

  • GermanicsDominate

    The app updated overnight on my Samsung, and it is not working today. I keep receiving a server error, redirecting me via a long mobile login link, that also doesn’t work. I have no idea where my actual gift card is, as I’ve used the mobile app since it went live for Android. So, I had to pay for my flat white and croissants with my MasterCard, though I have over $50 loaded in my app.

  • Shell

    What a disaster this update is. App is completely useless now. Time to fire your developers Starbucks. What an embarrassment

  • Father Time

    Upgraded the app on iPhone to v4.0 this morning, but afterwards when I try to log in, nothing happens.

  • Jenphil

    We are experiencing the same problem as Vito Flitt

  • Vito flitt

    I use the Starbucks mobile app every morning on my way to work, today I opened it and I was logged in but my card info was gone, it was still in my mobile wallet, and it shows me as Green Level instead of Gold. The app would not locate any stores. I tried deleting it and reloading the newest application from the iOS store which is the app I already had. Now I cannot sign on at all and I also tried to search by email but it says that feature is unavailable.