Samsung Smart Hub down with TV reboot problems

By Alan Ng - Apr 12, 2016

It looks like Samsung are currently having problems as we can see that the Samsung Smart Hub service is down on April 12 with hundreds of users complaining that they can’t log in to it.

The big problem that we can see is that the Smart Hub issues are actually causing Samsung TVs to turn off and reboot automatically, which is obviously something that Samsung needs to fix as a priority.

As far as we’re aware, this is not happening to every user right now. We’ve just tested the Samsung UE43J5500 43-inch model in the UK and can confirm that the Smart Hub service is still up and running with no cycles found.


However, others are clearly having problems elsewhere in Europe so we’ll try to identify if certain models are affected specifically.

In the meantime, give us your status below. Have you been having problems with Samsung Smart Hub not working on April 12, 2016?

We’ll update this article if we get an official statement from Samsung.

Update: We have a temporary fix for you until Samsung wake up and sort out the problems indefinitely. You can try to unplug the ethernet cable connected to your TV, restart your internet and then try again – same for those on a wireless connection.

Let us know if this method worked for you.

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  • Amit dabriwala

    Any help from the members to solve this issue will be much appreciated.

  • Amit dabriwala

    Same issue with UE48H6400 in France. I bought this 5 days ago and was shocked that the TV is continuously rebooting. No resposne from Samsung,

  • Nicolas

    Same issue with UE48H6400 in France, fixed by disabling Wifi access…

  • Peter

    UE46ES7090 germany, reboot cycle.

  • Tabitha

    I am in the UK and still having issues with my Smart Hub.
    Samsung fix this!

  • Damian Grainer

    I am still having problems even after the reboot. The on off cycle stopped and the smart hub menu works but if I try and use any app it says that it is updating for 8 hours now. UE4BH6 400a

  • NgTurbo

    Hi, has everyone managed to get their Smart Hub working again? Should be ok now

    • Shaun

      Seems ok now

  • renaud

    UE48H6410SS in france reboot cycle too, after having samsung helpdesk on the phone (incredible !) they said that they will do a new update today to fix the problem.

  • Shona

    55H6200 Keeps switching on and off this morning. im in the UK reboot didnt work

  • Shaun

    UE40H6400AKXXU reboot cycle. I disconnected the internet by turning off the wifi router, reset the Smart Hub settings and can now use the TV with the router turned on. I did try to contact Samsung via their chat site but currently 100 in the queue 🙂

  • Vicenzino Ferro

    UE40H6410SD in Italy reboot cycle too

  • Simon Burgess

    I’m in the UK and am also getting the reboot cycle. Don’t have the model number to hand at the moment.

  • Craig Smith

    UE55H6400 + UE22H5600 in England, Reboot cycle on both

  • Rob Bennet

    UE40H6400 in UK. Had to disconnect TV from internet with the router, just to keep in on long enough to disable smarthub in the settings menu. At least can use it now for non smart things.

  • Olivier Meunier

    UE50h6400 in France. Reboot cycle too.

  • palmer08

    UE48H6240 in FR. Reboot automatically.

  • Eric Sablon

    UE48H6850 in FR same issue

  • Daniel Harrison

    UE48H6400 in the UK having the reboot issue