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No iPhone SE Bluetooth recall, just iOS 9.3.2 update

There is a worrying number of iPhone SE owners that have been experiencing an issue with Bluetooth. The problem occurs when trying to make calls via Bluetooth when paired to a wireless headset or with a vehicle.

Just to try and put your mind at rest a little for those of you wondering if Apple will issue an iPhone SE recall, this is very unlikely to happen. We say this because we have seen a similar issue before when the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was released with iOS 8, and all it took was an upgrade to iOS 8.1 for the issue to be resolved in the same month of their release.

Apple have also escalated the issue because an increasing number of iPhone SE owners have been in contact with Apple Support Communities, and so are currently looking into why this is happening.

No iPhone SE Bluetooth recall

Some people in the community are saying that this is just specific to one or two vehicles at most, but this is incorrect, as many other cars are also affected, such as Audi, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, Dodge and many more.

Affected owners have also tried several steps to resolve the issue themselves, such as unpairing and then re-paring, and also rebooting and even a clean install, but still the same problem occurs.

You will know if you suffer from this iPhone SE Bluetooth problem because it will either sound distorted during a call, or just inaudible.

There have been many of you complaining that Apple should have tested the SE model more, but we know that these things happen – although it does make you wonder why not all iPhone SE owners are affected by this Bluetooth issue.



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