Fallout 4 Creation Kit PC beta code for lucky gamers

Attention all Fallout 4 players on PC now, as we have heard that Bethesda has now started the process of sending out Fallout 4 Creation Kit PC beta codes to a select lucky number of users.

Hours ago, Bethesda opened a thread on the official Fallout 4 forums, asking users to sign up for their interest in the beta by simply relying ‘YES’.

As you can imagine, the interest was unprecedented and unfortunately it looks like the initial batch of test users have already been chosen.


Bethesda closed the thread after thousands of replies and we also spotted that the post alone had 100,000 views on it which is staggering.

It’s fair to say that the Creation Kit is the hottest property for Fallout 4 users aside from DLC. Remember that console owners still have months to wait, but this is now the first step for PC.

The million dollar question: Did you sign up by replying YES and have you received an email from Bethesda with a Fallout 4 Creation Kit beta code? Leave us a comment below if you were selected.



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