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Sony laptop battery recall 2016 with affected models

We have some important news to bring you now, as it has been confirmed that a Sony laptop battery recall for April 2016 has been issued, due to faulty batteries which could have a risk to overheat.

This is obviously a serious problem as it could lead to fires or personal harm if the batteries overheat and cause a burn during use.

As a result, Sony are taking no chances and have already provided all of the information you need to know.

Firstly, the Sony laptop battery affected model is the VGP-BPS26 battery pack built by Panasonic.


We have included a chart above which lists all of the possible Sony VAIO laptop models that may have been shipped with this battery.

If you think you are affected, you need to visit Sony’s website here and fill out some information.

This involves entering some numbers, which you’ll find on your battery and then on your laptop – Battery product code (1), Battery serial number (2), VAIO product number (3) and VAIO serial number (4).

The numbers refer to the image below supplied on the Trading Standards website which will determine whether you have an affected battery or not.

If you do, you can then get a free replacement from Sony so make sure you follow the steps. Let us know your thoughts on this new recall and be sure to let your friends and family know.



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