Get more storage on iPhone instantly with easy hack

If you haven’t heard, something truly amazing has been discovered and it’s somewhat surprising that a big deal hasn’t been made out of it beforehand.

There is a way to instantly free up more storage on your iPhone without the conventional method of deleting photos or videos.

It involves iTunes and works 100% of the time. We know this as we’ve just tried it ourselves and it worked like a charm.

Here is how it works: Go to your iPhone settings, general, usage and make a note of your current storage – On our example you can see that a measly 3MB is available.


Next, go to the iTunes store and go to download a movie that is larger in size than what you currently have available.

In this case, we tried Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens which is a 6GB download. Then you’ll get a popup from Apple saying you don’t have enough memory – click settings to go to the memory screen.

If you back out of this and go back into usage, you’ll notice that magically you will have gained a chunk of memory back – for us we went from 3MB to 55MB in seconds, the timestamp on the screenshots shows proof.


Those with larger storage devices may find the increments are much greater, with many users reporting that they have gained 2GB by continuously trying the trick over and over.

Try it now and we guarantee you’ll be surprised with the results. This proves that Apple does eat away at your storage internally without you noticing – this trick turns the tables somewhat to get back your memory.

Leave us a comment if it works for you and make sure you tell your family and friends.



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