Final Fantasy 7 Remake episode length with great news

We have a fantastic update for those of you who are currently looking for some fresh Final Fantasy 7 Remake news from Square-Enix in 2016.

The highly anticipated game is on course for release either this year or next and now producer Yoshinori Kitase has given out some new details in an interview with Game Informer.

In it, he reveals a little more about the episode format of the game which unsurprisingly shocked many fans expecting a full game.

However, we now know that each episode of Final Fantasy VII remake is going to be the equivalent of one Final Fantasy 13 game.


So that means if we have say three Episodes for FF7 Remake, then it is going to be three times the size of Final Fantasy 13 which is obviously a lot more promising.

There seems to be a misconception that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will have small episodes split up into many parts, but it seems that Square-Enix are actually going to be making each episode massive in size.

Remember that the original game was considered a technical breakthrough at the time and was delivered on four PS1 discs, so there’s a lot of content to remake to today’s PS4 standard in 1080p.

Are you still so pumped about anything regarding the Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Let’s hope we get some gameplay at E3 2016!

For fun, share your personal stories with your experience on the original and what part of the game you hope makes it into the Remake – Gold Saucer, Chocobo breeding, Midgar Zolom etc!



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