PSN down on April 10 with status confusion

By Alan Ng - Apr 10, 2016

We can see that at the time of writing, PSN is down on April 10, 2016 for many users right now. We can confirm that it isn’t down globally, but rather a select number of users not being able to connect to PSN today.

This is strange, especially when you look at the screenshot towards the bottom of this post which states that the official PSN status is all green meaning that all services are up and running without issues.

However take a look at the live feedback from Twitter which we have included, showing replies within the hour which all question if PSN is down right now.


We know that PSN is still up in the UK and in Asia, so this is a confusing one. Hopefully we’ll get an update from Sony regarding this, but don’t forget you can also check the AskPlayStation Twitter page for updates.

To help us, let us know if PSN is down in your area right now so we can see how widespread it is and what areas are affected the most.

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  • Jean Hazen

    Down in Arizona

  • SIEG

    If u had done ur homework uve would have known that there was a scheduled maintenance for the destiny servers,,,,,,,so ofcourse they couldnt play the game ,,,,,, psn was up and running ,,,,no problems there.