Yahoo Mail down on April 9 with login not working

When you have a busy schedule during the week and only get time to email family and friends on the weekend, the last thing you want to see on a Saturday morning is Yahoo Mail down on April 9 2016.

We have been getting several reports about Yahoo Mail not working today and unfortunately there has been no status update from the main Yahoo Mail Twitter account, or the Yahoo Care Twitter which the company advises users to contact in time of need.

You can see from the live feedback coming in within the hour though that there are serious problems with the service.


As you can see, it’s not the fact that Yahoo Mail is not working in UK and other parts of Europe – it’s the silence from Yahoo that is frustrating users right now.

Can you log in to Yahoo Mail in your area or is it still down for you? We’ll continue to provide updates here as we get them so in the meantime, leave your status below.

Update: It’s 8.05PM in the UK and Yahoo Mail is still down without a single word from Yahoo to acknowledge the major outage or provide assistance to users. Is this acceptable – does Yahoo take holiday on weekends?



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