Yahoo Mail down on April 9 with login not working

By Alan Ng - Apr 9, 2016

When you have a busy schedule during the week and only get time to email family and friends on the weekend, the last thing you want to see on a Saturday morning is Yahoo Mail down on April 9 2016.

We have been getting several reports about Yahoo Mail not working today and unfortunately there has been no status update from the main Yahoo Mail Twitter account, or the Yahoo Care Twitter which the company advises users to contact in time of need.

You can see from the live feedback coming in within the hour though that there are serious problems with the service.


As you can see, it’s not the fact that Yahoo Mail is not working in UK and other parts of Europe – it’s the silence from Yahoo that is frustrating users right now.

Can you log in to Yahoo Mail in your area or is it still down for you? We’ll continue to provide updates here as we get them so in the meantime, leave your status below.

Update: It’s 8.05PM in the UK and Yahoo Mail is still down without a single word from Yahoo to acknowledge the major outage or provide assistance to users. Is this acceptable – does Yahoo take holiday on weekends?

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  • Jean Underhill Friedman

    Austin, Texas 6:45am – not sure how long it has been down but cannot access since last night; just get the message that the server or site cannot be reached on both Safari and Chrome.

  • Catalin Traian Guran

    Back in Romania, too…

  • Biff Stokely

    it was working earlier today but have not been able to sign onto it for the past 3 or 4 hours. i’m in the u.s.

  • axinos

    Yahoo is back in Athens! At last!

  • Elaine

    I gave been killing myself all evening! Just found this thread … got a sudden burst on ipad about an hr ago, but nothing. Not acknowledging my Id, sending me info another account that hasn’t been accesses in 2 yrs!

  • marie

    can’t believe it: it’s working at last in Egypt! after the login mail locked all day! keep confident guys!

    • p k 2

      hope they not hacked. silence is always a bad sign dear.

  • p k 2

    It is not working in scandinavia yet. 23:03 local time

  • Maxi

    Yahoo mail now works again in Austria. Since 22:50 local time.

  • Mirela

    Still down in Bucharest, Romania!

  • marie

    no way it’s not working in Egypt as well! starting in the early morning till now 10.07 pm!!!!!!!!!

  • rox

    Yahoo mail down in UK .. I needed fixed ASAP

  • Sarah Hollow Gorsuch

    Mine is down too in Germany. I wonder if Yahoo is unable to respond? I got a suspicious phishing email from “yahoo” last week… Could they have been hacked? Surely yahoo would have responded by now if they had the ability… Surely…

    • one more voice

      Yes, mine is also down in Germany. At least it has been down more than 12 hours. Hope they will fix it soon.

    • p k 2

      I also suspect hacker attack since yahoo is silent. NASDAQ still closed for weekend. Its a disaster for yahoo if they hacked.

  • robert denaut

    getting the “sorry can not comply with your request. please try again” starting this morning in USAEast coast 4/9/2016 on my main account but works OK and a 2nd Yahoo email account.Can also get in through a backdoor method in Firefox.

    • Sarah Hollow Gorsuch

      Ooooo what’s the back door method?


      Yes I have 2 emails one is my everyday email and the other is my JOB EMAIL so what’s going on I been trying hour after hour to login my JOB email, like Robert saying please try again sucks. So if anyone heard anything please respond, strange because my everyday email works. Just saying

  • Kaf

    Cannot sign in from Greece for the last 20hrs

  • Mohamed Dasthakeer Sufi-Ismail

    im in Saudi Arabia .. now local time is 10.30pm still not working

  • michael

    Guys I am in!!!! after the whole day nothing finally worked for me, good luck:)

    • michael


      • michael

        I just typed the thing and it worked. I am in London. Started having problem this am. Only now it let me in. I think I am going to get a new email somewhere else. Yahoo it is not about the problem itself – it is about lack of any kind of information what is going on!!

  • ayesha De jesus

    In Dubai too!! Hey yahoo! What’s going on???! I can’t open my account the whole day.

  • Imad Z Qahtani

    requesting a password but not working

  • Ann

    Of 3 yahoo accounts 2 (the most important ones for me, more than 10 years old) don’t work. They need the password filled in, so I thought it was me writing something wrong. The one account (less than 2 years old) with a saved password in the browser works. Interesting enough. Haven’t been able to login all day in Austria.

  • Emre

    I just want to enter my more ten year old mail, it is not rocket science. Is this a joke?

  • p k 2

    Hey yahoo. When will it work . communicate

  • P. Petroff

    In Bulgaria too, what’s the problem with this fckin mail ??? Sorry, we were unable to proceed with your request. Please try again. and again and again………………..

  • Martin Persona

    In fact it’s been 18 hours since the first issues appeared. Thousands of posts to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr (the only way to supposedly contact Yahoo – they have no customer service phone or chat lines). No response from Yahoo, and no ability to correct this problem. From a so-called “technology” company. Yahoo, are your serious? This really is the last straw. I have a gmail account, and I’m going to have to switch over and make it the main one. That’s a lot of hassle – advising all my contacts, changing business cards, changing the POP settings in Outlook. But enough is enough. I’m a professional, but the people are Yahoo are not. People have started the hashtag ‪#‎yahoothinktheyhaveleftthebuilding‬

    • p k 2

      And yahoo is supposed to be a major Nasdaq company. What a joke the stocvkmarket is.

  • Michael Grooms

    It’s down in the US too. I created my account a few weeks ago so maybe it’s only effecting newer customers.

    • p k 2

      My account is old, still down.


    in Indonesia too, could not open my yahoo account, but I can create a new one

  • Mary Jo

    Can’t access Yahoo mail from Paris… What’s going on?

  • milmil

    I have 3 yahoo mail accounts. 2 of them are working fine. Just one isn’t working for more than 20hrs. I am in Bulgaria now.

  • Zoltán Kelemen

    Yep from today morning yahoo mail also not working from Hungary. A little bit flustrating that theres no official communication about that, for example: World, we’ve got a problem over here..and please be patient our network engineers working on it. Looks like problem communication is everywhere deeply bad.

  • Judith Simplice

    I had problem signing to my account so I couldn’t view my mails

  • Krunal

    Hi my yahoo account isnt working all day today i am in Dubai

  • Brett

    Hi, I have a account and it hasn’t worked all day! I have tried everything and no use! Yahoo are hopeless especially with not replying to tweets etc!!!

  • mujeeb

    From Saudi Arabia i cant access my yahoo mail account.. whats going on yahoo??

  • Forth

    No access all day here in the UK.

  • Sarajane

    Haven’t been able to access all day whilst at Thorpe park – thank you #thorpepark for being so understanding / helpful seeing as I couldn’t present my online ticket as it has been emailed through my #yahoo account!!!

  • HB in UK

    Unable to login in the UK. Switched to the server in the US where my account was originally established: still unable to login. Unable to access any form of Help from Yahoo.

  • Sian

    I can’t access my yahoo mail account either, Pissed off assume is down in Barmouth Wales

  • Petra

    Down here in witham UK. Can’t sign in

  • Cevdet

    Writing from istanbul,,, I can’t sign in with my password and it started when tried to open my inbox,, then I quitted and could never sign in again, now it’s impossible to use my account

  • Pablo

    Yahoo mail down in UAE. Not receiving mail on mobile. And cannot login on PC. No reaction from Yahoo Corporate? :-((

  • DD

    From Dubai. Can’t access too 🙁

  • Gamer Punk

    Yahoo mail, and messenger is down in the United States. Got a better chance of getting a response from God than you do from yahoo on this. I’ve always known their customer service was shady at the best of times but this is just down right ridiculous. It’s no wonder the company’s gone titz up, and loyal customers like myself who have been using it since the 90’s are going to be the ones who suffer the most.

  • Annabel

    Not been able to sign in since 7am today in uk. So frustrating

  • billiegod

    down for me too. tel aviv

  • Me guest

    In Romania it is also down

  • Mighty Mike

    I am from Ukraine and I can’t open my Yahoo mail account now.

  • pete solo

    I’m from Saudi Arabia. I can not open my yahoo mail. whats goin yahoo????

  • Javier Lopez

    I’m in Spain. No Yahoo mail. What’s really frustrating is that you think it’s something on your end or something you’ve done and start messing around with things. I tried the support and nothing. Not a peep. Maybe it’s time to use another email provider.

  • BrownPhd

    In Italy, having the same problem all day.

  • Tammy

    I am in Italy – this morning I kept receiving the notice “Yahoo not available”. Now when I try to log in it says my password or user name does not corrispond. Have I been hacked or is this a generalized problem for Yahoo users?

  • Mercy Delara

    cant get in to my yahoo accunt _ whats goin yahoo ??????