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New MacBook Air keyboard after patent shock

Earlier on this week we teased the possibility of Apple unleashing a new MacBook Air model for 2016 soon. Now though, we could have the first real evidence on a significant 2016 MacBook Air model design in relation to a keyboard overhaul.

Images have been uncovered and exposed thanks to PatentlyApple, showing that Apple may have plans to remove the physical keyboard on the next MacBook Air.

In exchange, Apple could be offering a customizable keyboard which will be delivered via touch panels. In other words, a MacBook Air with a virtual keyboard offering haptic keys and force feedback so that users only select the keys that they need the most.


It sounds like a bold move, but the images supplied in the link above are images that Apple has sent to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

What would this mean for the trackpad and could it be a game changer for those who use the Mac as a gaming device – being able to eliminate the keyboard completely except for primary gaming input?

What exciting times it is going to be now, to see if this patent paves the way to reveal the new MacBook Air with this new innovative keyboard technology on board.

What is your reaction to Apple thinking of removing the physical keyboard – would you be interested in a purchase?



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