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Free Minecraft Skins with PE 0.14.1 download

We have some great news for Minecraft Pocket Edition players now, as Mojang has given you the chance to pick up some free Minecraft skins with the new Minecraft PE 0.14.1 update download.

This version was released hours ago and they come with Minecraft Story Mode skins in PE! There are 27 of them in total and they will be absolutely free for a week.

Mojang has said that most platforms will be included in the giveaway, so that means iOS, Xbox, PlayStation and Windows 10.


After the week trial is up, the Minecraft PE Story mode skin pack will cost $2.99 so make sure you tell all your Minecraft friends about this.

The deal runs out on April 12 so go grab them all and tell us what you think below in the comments.

Is Mojang being ultra generous by giving away all of the new skins for free? Nobody will complain!



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