Fallout 4 Creation Kit DLC delay questioned

By Alan Ng - Apr 8, 2016

With all of the talk of the upcoming Wasteland Workshop DLC for Fallout 4, some may have forgotten that there has still been very little information given on the missing Fallout 4 Creation Kit DLC.

This free pack of tools is what some players are waiting for the most above any of the remaining DLC packs included with the Season Pass.

The last ‘official’ word on the Creation Kit was that it was coming in April to PC – Todd Howard said so here. After that it will be available one month later on Xbox – May and then another month for PS4 – so June.


This is probably why we haven’t heard anything, although you would expect at least something if it is still coming to PC in April.

This has been reflected by the Tweets we’ve picked out from the community above, with some saving that they are literally starving for the content.

Do you agree it would be nice to get an update on the progress of the Creation Kit? Leave us a comment below if you are getting frustrated, or don’t mind waiting for as long as it takes.

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  • Nightstriker PC

    They’re stalling because somebody realized that if they release it, modders won’t buy the rest of their DLC because we’ll just make a better version ourselves for free 10 times faster… Smart from a business standpoint, but really frustrating for us.

  • chiffmonkey

    They’re just milking it with Hearthfire 2 first. Uh. I mean Wasteland Workshop.

  • manicprogrammer

    I agree. I was Googling about the creation kit and felt that since the next DLC is the 12th it must be going to drop any minute now. The game is good but without the more sophisticated mods and the ability to mod I really just stop playing after the first DLC.

  • Andrew Gallagher

    I completely agree, I check multiple times a day to see if there is anything on Google News about it, that’s how I got here!