Black Ops 3 Double XP weekend time with April 8 twist

We have a reminder for Black Ops 3 players that this weekend is going to be another one to cancel any plans you had. Black Ops 3 Double XP weekend for April 8 2016 is confirmed, but with a brilliant twist this time.

We have already had Double XP recently, so this time Treyarch has instead decided to offer Double Cryptokeys as well as Double Liquid Divinium for zombies.

Double Cryptokeys is a massive deal if you didn’t already know, as it means you have more chance to get those rare weapon drops from the Black Market.


We’re talking about the crossbow, sword, baseball bat and so on, all of which can only be obtained in common or rare supply drops.

As you can see above, BO3 Double XP weekend for April 8 starts at 10am Pacific Time on Friday and will end at the same time on Monday April 11.

Make sure you tell your friends as it is definitely not to be missed, for both multiplayer and zombie lovers.

Will you be taking part in Double Cryptokey and Liquid Divinium event?



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